My 1 hour Oxford tour

OXFORD – I had high hopes of spending a long day in Oxford today and reporting back to you with some fabulous photos of the city. But my friend and I ended up spending more time than expected at Bicester Village, an outlet mall, that’s actually very impressive if you want to save on top designer brands. In the end, we¬†walked around Oxford for about an hour or so, had a drink at the local pub, and then I hopped on the train to come back to London. But before I left, I did manager to grab a few photos.

I took this one because I thought the Winter vine looked a bit threatening and menacing.

Here’s one close up.

I loved this red door and the wall of this building.

Have you been to Oxford? What should I do next time I’m there?

4 thoughts on “My 1 hour Oxford tour

  1. I love Alice in Wonderland. When we went to Oxford we visited the Sheep Shop (I think it was called – though that sounds kind of crazy now I think of it) full of Alice in Wonderland memorabilia. Before you start thinking it’s all cutesy, we came home with the funkiest Alice in Wonderland teapot – the object of admiration of almost everyone who has a cup of tea here. Maybe not the most photogenic of Oxford sites, but that is my standout memory of the place.

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