Spring resolutions

LONDON, UK – I resolve to cook and bake more this year. Since living in London I’ve bought a number of cookbooks and yet I still buy ready meals. I used to spend a lot more time in the kitchen, but I guess I just got lazy.

Cook book collage1

Now, instead of just page turning and admiring the photos, I’m going to focus on three books that I plan to use to sharpen my kitchen skills:

Lily Vanilli’s Sweet Tooth by Gizzi Erskine (she owns the fabulous cafe by Columbia Road)

Jamie’s Great Britain by Jamie Oliver and

Taco’s, Quesadillas and Burritos by Laura Washburn.

WARNING: I bought Lily Vanilli’s Sweet Tooth from Anthropologie for £20. BIG mistake. It’s available on Amazon for £8.

I want to bake a cake first…I’ve already bought the 9″ cake pans. So I’m getting excited. Can you recommend any cook books?

10 thoughts on “Spring resolutions

  1. I had been eyeing Jamie Oliver’s 30-minute meal cookbook for awhile after being lured by the same-named show. You can’t go wrong with ANY cookbook about cakes! Can’t wait to see what you experiment with :)

    • Thanks Whitney. I’m going to try a vanilla first. Let me know if you get Jamie’s cook book. I liked his show. He makes cooking look so straight forward. Hope you are well.

  2. I have a huge box of recipes cut out from magazines and newspapers – really good because they feature the produce of the season or seasonal treats. Now, when am I going to sort them out so that I can find that one with …?

    • Yeah, I did some spring cleaning today and found a whole bunch of recipes scattered all over the place. I also need to organise them better. Perhaps in a nice box like you’ve done.

  3. I recommend Pinterest. The best cookbook there is ;-). I also recommend Jamie Oliver’s books ;-) (and various TV shows, especially Andrea Beaman’s).

    • I love pinterest!!!! But I’m a sucker for cookbooks too. I made a vanilla cake from sweet tooth and it was good. I’ve been looking at Jamie Oliver’s and have earmarked a few recipes I’m keen to try out. He’s an inspiration. I’ll also check out Andrea beaman too. Thanks for stopping by Mira.

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